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Custom Web Page Design
Whether you already know what you want your site to look like, or if you need someone to create the perfect plan for you, Web Design Group USA, LLC can do it. Our rates are very affordable. And since we have many years of experience with small to medium size businesses, we can create a useful site that uniquely promotes your company. We have over 8 years of design and web site marketing experience to help support your companies on-line presence.

Some of Our Recent Web Design Projects

Service Industry Sites Dance & Entertainment Industry Designs
Retail / E-commerce Sites / CM Sites Flash Development Samples

Database Powered Websites
Unlock the awesome potential of displaying your constantly changing inventory with a database powered website. If you have been dreaming of an e-catalog or an on-line store, or if you want to be able to update your website on-line, active server pages designed by WebgroupUSA.com will get you where you want to be. To see an example of this technology in use, visit www.getpoms.com or Leapin' Leotards.

Secure Payment Services
WebgroupUSA.com has developed a secure database site where your clients can enter their credit card payments on-line. These payments are securely stored on-line. You will receive an email with the new order information included. Our unique web interface allows you to securely access your client's stored payment information on-line and then process it at your office through your normal business means. The credit card information is never emailed, which protects you and your client from credit card abuse.

Interactive Forms
We can create forms and ordering systems to help make your site interactive. Viewers are able to respond to surveys, questions, and complete order forms on-line.

More Interaction
Let your website work for you! We help you post important documents and information that your customers need. We can add search features, forums, message boards, and chat rooms to your website to help your customers stay connected.

Advanced and Creative Graphic Design
Whether you are needing help with multi-media features, flash development, or you need creative images and borders to improve your site's appearance we can assist you.

Search Engine Performance
WebgroupUSA incorporates a variety of techniques that are built into your website design that help to improve your sites performance on search engines.   After your website is created, we recommend that you register your site with the most popular search engines. 

Desktop Publishing
We have over 9 years of experience in creating brochures, postcards, mailers and magazine advertisements for print.  Please call for quotes on any of these services.

Web Hosting Services

Corporate Websites with your Preferred Domain Name, www.YourCompanyName.com

Whether you already have a website through another ISP (internet service provider) or you are endeavoring to develop a site for your company, you should seriously consider all that WebgroupUSA can offer you.

Domain name accounts come with all of the following services:

Corporate Website Rates

Server Space
Annual Fee
Corporate Domain Site  
Less than 150 MB
Expanded Domain Site
151 MB to 225 MB
Over 225 MB
quotes available

There is a one-time set up fee of $75 to set up your files on our server.  Your preferred name choice is subject to availability through Network Solutions registration.   Currently, Network Solutions charges $35 (discounts apply for additional years) per year to reserve your preferred domain name.  We will handle the registration of your domain name for you.  A down payment of $185 is required to begin this registration and set up process.

Of special interest to companies who currently have websites: 

Terms of Use

Payment Policy
To start new hosting services with WebgroupUSA, all Network Solutions registration fees, one-time set up fees, and a deposit on any web page design work must be paid.  Annual fees and remaining balances on web page design work must be paid before the website will be available for public viewing on the Internet. A minimum down payment of $150 or 50% of the estimate based on the design quote is required on all web page design work.  All annual payment fees are billed annually approximately 15 days prior to the service renewal date and are due in 30 days. Network Solutions renewal fees are the responsibility of the registered company.

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Please use the WebgroupUSA Information Request Form to request assistance with web design services.

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